Cards Against Humanity
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Cards Against Humanity

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App Concept
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Letter Society

Cards Against Humanity App Concept done for Letter Society. Due to reasons later stated below, I must clarify that this is only meant as an idea and has no intention of being built in the future.

The Problem

Cards Against Humanity is a household name. But there's never been a way to play it outside of the physical card game.

The Challenge

Creating a digital experience which keeps the the simple fun of the game, but leverages the medium to elevate the overall experience.

The App

A smartphone app, with companion apps for tablets and Smart TV's to enrich the experience. It can be played locally or online with friends.
select your card for submission
The interaction model was built to mimic how one would hold the cards in their hand. The layout is meant to be minimalist, but familiar to anyone who's played the game.
Card czar
The interaction model was built to mimic how one would hold the cards in their hand. The UI elements are clean but have a lot of personality to the interactions; meant to keep the original design direction of the physical product
party mode
The App itself would scale depending on the device and there would be a variety of options to play. Shown here is a mode where the iPad shows the main stage.
While there is a lot of magic to playing with your friends in person, sometimes that not feasible. So with this new digital experience, you'll be able to play with your friends and family wherever they are.
Custom Card
To build upon the "Custom Card" featured, in the app you have a variety of options to host unique content. You can take a photo immediately, you can choose something from your Camera Roll or you could leverage other online platforms for content ideas.


The app itself, despite being only meant as a concept gained a lot of traction through the design community and had some minor press. I even had Cards Against Humanity themselves send me an email about the app!
Oh well 🤷